Services for July

BCP HC – Book of Common Prayer Holy Communion

CW HC – Common Worship Holy Communion

July 21st 5th Sunday after Trinity

8.45          BCP HC                              Hanwell

10.00        Café Church                     Horley

July 28th 6th Sunday after Trinity

9.45          CW HC                               Shenington

11.00        BCP HC                              Drayton

11.00        Village Service                 Hornton

11.00 Village Service Wroxton

Services for August

August 3rd

3.30          Wedding                             Horley

August 4th                            7th after Trinity                 

9.00          BCP HC                              Alkerton

9.45          CW HC                               Balscote

11.00        Service                                Hornton Chapel

11.00        Mattins                                Drayton

August 11th                          8th after Trinity        

9.45          CW HC                               Wroxton 

11.00        CW HC                               Hornton 

2.00          Baptism                               Horley

6.00          Evensong                           Shenington

August 18th                           9th after Trinity        

8.45          BCP HC                              Hanwell 

11.00        CW HC                               Horley

2.00         Baptism                              Hornton                                                                   

August 25th                           10th after Trinity      

9.45          CW HC                               Shenington

9.45          Village Service                  Wroxton 

11.00        BCP HC                              Drayton 

11.00        Village Service                   Hornton 

August 28th 

3.30     Wedding                             Horley


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